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Wala Schools Workshops

For Students

Integrating culture and wellbeing practices into all young people's lives is an important part of what we do at Wala Connections. 
We offer a combination of movement, music and storytelling into an engaging and interactive learning experience for children of all ages.and staff and teachers.
If your school would like to bring Wala Workshops to your students please make an enquiry here.

For Staff & Teachers

As the need increases for educators to be able to serve and strengthen our young people's health and wellbeing, so does the need for educators to be able to priorities and strengthen their own health and wellbeing.
Wala Connections cater workshops to connect, ground and educate staff and teachers in schools to replenish and inspire their own teaching and student's outcomes.
To bring the benefits of movement and mindfulness into your teachers wellbeing practices you can make an enquiring here.
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