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Messages from our Elders - Uncle Colin Walker

Messages from our Elders was inspired by personal stories of hardship, cultural connection and survival from our Elders.

These messages were created whilst checking in with our old people during the COVID-19 isolation period, 2020. Their reminder of our strength and survival and their words of wisdom and comfort were too beautiful not to share.

We acknowledge their traditional lands in the photos their words are written on.

We thank them for sharing their precious gifts and we hope you find some personal meaning from them too.

Wala Connections

Uncle Colin Walker - Yorta Yorta Elder

Connection and respect are what have helped me through life, for 85 years. I always respected and listened to my Elders.

I can't forget the past. My Elders were my teachers, my law man.

Through this time our healthcare workers are to be equally respected. We need to listen to them too. And find ways to stay connected to our country and people.

The young ones are the ones we have to look after. They respect us and they are searching for connection, even the non-Indigenous.

We all want to be connected, no one wants to be alone.

I am blessed I don't have to go back to where I've been. I am where I've come from.

I was born here at Cummeragunja. It's good to go back to where you been, know who you are and where you come from. Don't matter what colour you are. We can all find a connection to something.

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