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Messages from our Elders - Aunty Lindy Lawler

Messages from our Elders was inspired by personal stories of hardship, cultural connection and survival from our Elders.

These messages were created whilst checking in with our old people during the COVID-19 isolation period, 2020. Their reminder of our strength and survival and their words of wisdom and comfort were too beautiful not to share.

We acknowledge their traditional lands in the photos their words are written on.

We thank them for sharing their precious gifts and we hope you find some personal meaning from them too.

Wala Connections

Aunty Lindy Lawler - Illarrawa Elder, Yuin Nation

Being in isolation I was drawn to paint after all these years as I couldn't paint since my twin sister passing away in 2009. It was truly therapeutic.

I've always reached out to the universe, to my ancestors and my Elders before me. They have always been with me through my journey as a Survivor from the past 'Stolen Generation.'

I am here for a reason, to stand by our young people to share my knowledge and wisdom that has been given to me within my heart and soul.

Our Elderly and those of all ages with respiratory problems are our most vulnerable and have a tough fight against this monster.

We are all in this together.

Everyone please stay safe and to you and your family, God Bless.

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